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Here is information for you as you enter our Schoology learning management environment.



First, in the Chrome or Safari browser, you should use the following URL to access your account:


The email address we have on record in our Student Information System, Synergy, is the email you will use to login. If you do not have an auto-generated email from Schoology, you will need to click on “forgot your password” and enter the email address on the next screen. After your password is entered, please enter Mesa County…(click on the correct choice in the dropdown as it appears).



When you initially login, Schoology takes you to your student’s account, shown below as GMMSFake Student in the upper right corner. This is where you will view the account as if you are the student. This default page is the Home page and can be accessed anytime by clicking on the D51 Logo in the upper left.







To see your student’s courses, please click on Courses in the top navigation bar.










On the left side in the left navigation panel you will see Materials as the first option. Materials will then appear in the center panel, and it is where items for the course exist. These may include shared documents or videos, assignments, assessments, and discussions. When you click on the dropdown arrow just to the right of Materials, you will see a listing of any folders created on this page. You can click on those folders to quickly move to a specific area of materials, or you may just click on Materials to return to the top level of those materials.




In the right side panel is where Upcoming events/items are listed or Reminders appear.




When you click on Grades in the left navigation panel, you will see the grading categories (Summative, Formative, and Learning Behaviors) for your student in this course for the current quarter. These grades are scored based on our district’s Standards Based Grading practice of 1 (Emerging), 2, (Developing), 3 (Mastering), and 4 (Refining). Please note: More than one standard may be addressed within a given task/assignment (3/4, 6/8, 12/16).







Use the Mastery tab on the left navigation panel to view your student’s progress towards mastery of our D51 standards.



In Mastery, you will see the naming of the standard, a description of that standard, your student’s score for that standard, and a graph of your student’s growth in the tasks where that standard was evaluated.


Your Parent Account

If, while viewing your student’s account, you wish to change to your own account, you will go to the dropdown arrow after the name and choose the parent account. Shown below as GMMS FakeParent.



Notifications for You on Your Student’s Account

When you are logged into your view of the student account, the notifications can be customized to your preferences by clicking on Settings from the dropdown menu at the arrow in the upper right of your screen. Under the Notification Tab, you may set weekly or daily updates by email. A good option is to choose earlier in the week, such as Tuesday, and an earlier time of day, so it is convenient to first, speak with your student, and then, reach out to a teacher, if necessary. Also, you may set an Overdue Submission Email, so that you know when something is past due. Please consider some items or tasks may be due outside of the Schoology environment, and therefore, may show past due when, in fact, they have been submitted in another format.





Any questions, click on support at the bottom of any page. Or if you cannot log in, email



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